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My whale shark sighting in the Philippines

One of the activities I like doing when I can is diving. I’m especially a big fan of marine wildlife and wreck diving. Canada isn’t known for its awesome whales, sharks and sunken battleships, I try to plan a trip somewhere to dive every few years. Not as much as I’d like but still.

While I was in Shanghai in 2011 working on Alice: Madness Returns, a few friends from the studio decided to book a trip the Philippines to do some whale shark diving. Unfortunately when we got to Sogod Bay, we were told that the sad events of the tsunami in Japan had disturbed underwater wildlife. Not many whale sharks had been spotted that summer. We figured what the heck, there are still some gorgeous reefs and beautiful locations to dive to. We had planned about 3 dives a day for about 4 days. Lots of beautiful underwater scenery to see but no whale sharks. On the final day, while doing our underwater check this big fella happened to just coast by. You can actually see me notice him and flip out !


It’s crazy how serene it was, literally just swimming by at what looked like a very low speed. Granted we had noticed a little late but we scrambled to try to follow it, swimming as fast as we could to try to keep up. It just cruised into the dark and we lost sight of it.

The rest of the day was pretty much done for all of us, all we could talk about was how lucky we were to have spotted one.


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