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Trying this one more time

I finally decided to clean this blog up, not quite there yet but there’s movement. Not that anyone is reading so that’s good, hopefully once I’ve sorted everything, I can start posting with some sense of consistency. Then again, I’m not sure who will be reading anyway. But hey let’s see where this goes.

I figured, since I was experimenting with images, I’d post something about riding today. The weather has just been amazing, I’m not riding as much as I’d like but if this weather is any indication of what summer will be like, we should have a fantastic season.

So here’s an image of a few of us at a Ducati meet last year. One of the first of the season, I love the framing on this one, the mix of clouds, trees and bikes in the foreground. Facebook cover image worthy.

I’ll post some images of my bike too at some point.